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Question   Gallery
Your gallery is outstanding and one that I will look at many times.

- Alan L. Borror 9/22/2011 11:21:31 AM

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Question   gallery
I am soo glad you posted a comment on my image, Carol, otherwise I would never have found your beautiful gallery! Love the birds! All of it, really! Beautiful captures!!

- Debbie Bray 9/18/2011 3:38:22 PM

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Question   love your work
Love your work...really lifts my spirits
thank you!

- Jamie Paske 7/28/2011 4:29:33 AM

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Question   Marvelous Gallery
Hi Carol,

I have just had the most enjoyable time going through your gallery! Your work is very compelling: creative and original and very striking! You are very talented and your passion shows in your work. Gorgeous - each and every category!

- Rona L. Schwarz 7/11/2011 9:21:09 PM

  Answer Thank you so much, Rona. Your comments make my morning!

- Carol F.  7/12/2011 5:02:32 AM

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Question   Thank you
Your comment was apppreciated, thank you. Tropical fish are great and I am always glad to hear from others who share the love of the aquatic world.
Stopping by your site on BB it took me to this guestbook. Something I have not ran across in BB before. I really enjoyed gazing at all your beautiful detailed photos. Especially the hummingbirds.

- Janie Caffee/Kirn 5/29/2011 7:29:25 AM

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Question   Wonderful
Your photos are wonderful Carol! Thank you for sharing and taking the time to put this together. Your passion shines through in all of them. I love the variety.

- Jamie Paske 5/26/2011 4:29:08 AM

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Question   Gifted.....
That's what you are, Carol.....gifted!! I've always enjoyed seeing your photos and hearing about your trips - this website is awesome!! Congratulations and keep being inspired and sharing!!!

- Eileen Zittnan 2/9/2011 6:53:21 AM

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Question   Your Gallery of Photos

I'm very impressed by your photos. Beautiful work! These are as good or better than some I have seen at the galleries in Aspen or Park City.

Mark S

- Mark S 11/28/2010 7:39:35 PM

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Question   Tutorial on the Bubble
I loved the cat with the bubble and the hummingbird in the bubble...could you send me the link/tutorial on how to do that please?

Your work is awesome!

- JO ANN CLEVELAND 9/23/2010 11:29:54 AM

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Question   Beauty
Carol, your work is exquisite. I've just been roaming through the Close-ups and am unable to choose a favorite. Stick with this!

- Janet B. 9/21/2010 2:42:07 PM

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