My interest in photography began when I was young. My father was a collector of camera gear and the recorder of the family vacations. I am now the keeper of the family slides and have inherited his passion for the photographic world. I started with instamatic cameras and got my first 35mm Nikkormat camera when I took a photography class in high school. I took my first steps into the digital world in 2006 and have not looked back.

My passion for photography has always been there as an underlying current in the tapestry of my life. It has ebbed and flowed over the years, sometimes only seeing the light of day on vacations and at family gatherings. I am still discovering my personal style. I have always enjoyed photographing nature, macro, details and patterns. When I started travelling internationally in 2000 I also became interested in photographing people and the local color. I love recognizing the similarities and beauty in everyone. It truly is a wonderful world. As a newcomer to Photoshop, I have found a whole new way to give voice to my creative spirit.

As a recent semi-retired person with more time on my hands, I am finding my passion for photography pulling at my heartstrings. It’s nice to have the time to respond to the call. Life is good!

I hope you enjoy your visit at my site. Feel free to leave comments or questions. I would be pleased to hear from you and will be happy to respond.